Monday, July 26, 2004

Sick Day

I got sick again today. Ma mentioned something about going to the doctor- I know I won't like that at all. Grandma thinks I have a nervous stomach because Guy is such a pain and is always in my face annoying me. I had to slap him and hiss a couple of times to get away from him. Tonight all I wanted was to nap on my kitty condo in front of the window but he had to come and ruin that also by sitting in the window with me. Scratch MY butt, Guy!


I'm the king of the world!!!!!!!! Ma said I'm like the Visa card to Sultanfus -" Im everywhere she wants to be." Huh? Time to eat! P.S- Did someone say "Scratch my butt?!"


P.S- a few minutes after this picture was taken we had a fight right on Kitty Kam. Ma said she is going to change our Kitty Kam slogan to "Watch Them Hiss and Spit"-Sultanfus

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