Thursday, August 12, 2004


It is has been raining for days. This means that we can't go out on our screened in porch and have to stay inside. Guy becomes incredibly annoying when he can't go out. Oh lucky me. I spent most of the day napping in various spots around the house. Ma hasn't been able to put Kitty Kam on because of all the thunder storms. Fine by me I don't always like that camera in my face all the time. I threw up again yesterday so I am back to having pills thrown down my throat. Ma says I'm allergic to Wednesdays because I throw up every wednesday. She called the Vet again. Sure hope I don't have to go back to that stink hole.


RAIN RAIN RAIN. I can't go out so I spent a lot of time napping in the window sill. I like to lay on my back with all four of my feet in the air. Apparently this is amusing to people because everytime I open my eyes someone is standing over me laughing and pointing. I say, "If your gonna stick your finger out at me you best be scratching my butt."


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