Saturday, August 21, 2004


Both Guy and I had to go to the Vet on Friday. It was the first time we went together. Guy was a big baby and cried in the car all the way there. I found this entertaining so I wasn't scared in the carrier. I still hate that place! The vet said that I have a bit of a nervous stomach but otherwise I'm healthy. Yeah! He even said I'm beautiful (no kidding). I got my vaccinations and a clean bill of health. I know this made Ma happy because she was so worried about me.


All I know is I was laying on the porch licking myself one minute and then the next I was inside a carrier being dragged off into the car. I hate the car it scares me. Then we went to the Vet- I hate the Vet even more than the car! He checked me out and gave me my shots. He told me I'm healthy as a horse. He even said that I have a great coat. Well I should because I make Ma brush me every day!!!!! The Vet was going to scratch my butt but I just wanted to get back in the carrier and go home!


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