Thursday, December 30, 2004

Back To Normal

The tree is down, the gifts are all opened. Guy and I did very well again this year. Even Balthazaar the parrot did good. We got lots of new toys and new scratch pads that we love. Most of the time we like to sit on them instead of scratch. Guy seems really sad that the tree is gone. He keeps going over to the spot where the tree was and looking around. He helped Ma take the tree down but I don't think he was much help. Ma kept saying "Knock it off" because he would smack every ornament as they came off. Ma let him lick his favorite cow goodbye before it was packed away. Silly boy.


Where is my tree?! WHERE IS MY TREE!? Why did Ma put it away? I'm so sad. WON"T ANYONE SCRATCH MY BUTT!!!!!!!


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