Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Irving the Woodchuck

We have a woodchuck that lives in our backyard named Irving. He isn't a pet or anything, he just lives in our woods and Ma named him. Every spring and summer Irving comes out into our yard and eats the grass etc. not paying any attention to Guy and I watching him from the porch. Anyway, Irving has begun to make his appearance again this year but this time he got really bold. He came right up the steps and sniffed Guy and myself through the screened porch! Then he saw Grandpa was with us and ran away. That was so much fun! He smelled a lot more interesting then stupid Percy the neighbor's cat.
P.S- Percy comes by daily to yell at us through the screen. We don't even pay any attention to him anymore.


First there was Percy, now Irving and not one of them has scratched my butt. Whatever.


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