Saturday, June 18, 2005

Cooler Weather

The last few days have been much cooler so I have been back napping on cam. Did you miss me? Things around here have been interesting. Ma keeps talking about moving- it has taken longer than anticipated but a move is in the near future. Boxes and bags continue to leave the room making me a little crazy..... Speaking of crazy, Percy the neighbor's cat continues to be a real pain. Ma said that he isn't fixed so he is in heat and screaming into our windows at night. Grandma even had to spray him with water to get him to go away. He even tries to run into our front door everytime someone goes outside. Stupid Percy- you can't live here. I keep hissing at him to go home but he keeps coming back. Guess he knows a good thing when he sees it!


I was minding my own business, napping on the couch in my favorite spot when all of a sudden I hear dumb Percy yelling in the window behind me. What is his problem anyway? Oh well, if no one is going to scratch my butt I'm going back to sleep.


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