Saturday, October 29, 2005

Halloween Pumpkin

Ma carved a pumpkin for Halloween. That was a lot of fun- I got to run and slide into all the newspapers she had on the ground, bite on the stem of the pumkin and stick my head in the pumpkin when she removed all the gooey stuff. I thought it smelled nice. I even tried to lick the seeds that Ma toasted up later. Ma put a cat face on the pumpkin. It looked nice when she lit a candle inside. Ma and I sat and watched it for awhile. Halloween is o.k except all those people keep ringing the door bell and making me crazy.


Ma had a big, smelly orange thing on the floor that she kept sticking a knife into. It made a mess but I had more fun playing in the newspapers under the orange thing. Then Ma lit the orange thing. I didn't find that too interesting so instead I chased my tail around the dinning room table legs. Ma laughed at me and scratched my butt. Halloween is fun.



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