Saturday, November 19, 2005

Cold Day

Not much happening today. I bothered Ma all morning to go out onto the screen porch but when she opened the door I felt how cold it was and ran right back inside. I don't like to be cold. Instead I waited for Ma to sit down and then climbed into her lap. Anytime she would get up I would wait for her return and then climb right back into position. I gave her a little break this afternoon by sitting up on Guy's perch. Not as good as Ma's lap but at least it doesn't keep moving!


I like to "help" Ma make the bed in the morning. Just when she wants to pull the sheets and cover up I dive underneath and stay there. Ma makes the bed with me in it! When she is done I push myself out the side of the bed. I like to do a lot of unusual things. Ma calls me a very special boy. I think I'm special that is why I always get a butt scratch after.


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