Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sleepy Spots

That stinky boy, Guy keeps taking my spot in bed with Ma! Can you believe the nerve? Well, he doesn't cuddle up against Ma like I do (up against her chest with my face just inches from hers) but that stinker keeps laying next to Ma and I refuse to be that close to him so I end up at the foot of the bed. I will get him back..just wait and see.


I love my new night time spot. I get to lay on flannel sheets and sometimes the comforter goes over me. I don't always like to be under blankets but this is heaven. I try to sleep with my butt facing Ma so that if she feels the urge she can scratch me throughout the night. Why should Sultanfus get all the good spots?


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Kukka-Maria said...

My brother, Brach, and I don't fight about sleeping with our mom at night. We like to sleep in different spots.

Now, during the human waking hours, it's a different story! I'm the boss!