Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ma Sick

Ma had a migraine today so I had to take care of her. I stay right by her side in bed until her headache goes away. Sometimes we have to stay in bed all day but I don't mind it is my job to take care of her. I will even get up and walk her to the bathroom and back if she needs it. Im a good kitty. Now if only Guy would stop gettng in the way. Stinky Boy.


Everyone was in bed today. I tried to get in also but everytime I got near Ma Sultanfus would smack me in the head. I only wanted to see what was going on! Eventually I gave up and slept on my kitty condo. I didn't even get a good butt scratch today. Can you believe that?!


P.S- I learned something new. Ma put a bell on the door to the porch so when I want to go out I ring it instead of scratching the door. I have so much fun sometimes I make Ma get up off the couch 100 times . Ma does it because it is better than me scratching up the joint.

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