Monday, November 13, 2006


So there we were out on our screen porch last night enjoying the view when an Orange Tabby comes out of nowhere and stands up on his hind legs looking into our porch door yelling at us. I got a little scared and ran to the house door to get in but Ma closed it because it was cold. Guy hunched down on the ground and was making a weird growling noise. Ma, hearing the commotion opened the door to see what was going on. I ran in for a second but thought better of it (Im nosey and like to see what is happening) so I ran back out onto the porch and hid under a chair. Ma told the kitty to go home but he stayed there on the other side of our door meowing and yelling LOUDLY. Honestly I was more interested in Guy because he was making that scarey growling noise and he never says anything. The Tabby eventually took off into the trees and Guy and I spent the next hour sniffing the air and watching to see if he returns. What excitement!


I Don't know who that Tabby was but he better not come by my porch again! I did not like him!



THE ZOO said...

yall be nice and good kittys. be gracious hosts when yoo have somecat at your house.

Fat Eric said...

Oh no! The Evil Intruder Kitties are efurrywhere! Be careful in case he comes back with friends like mine did!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

The nurve of that orange tabbie coming arownd yer porch. Keep a luk out thares no telling what he mite be up too!!