Sunday, March 04, 2007


Ma finally got a digital camera so she can take pictures of us doing things other than what we do on Kitty Kam. We lead very interesting kitty lives you know. Now we will be able to share it all with pictures! Our first picture is Guy and I sitting out on our porch. We have had a couple of nice days so we spent some time hanging out watching the snow melt off the roof. Notice how far apart we sit? I won't let that stinky boy sit too close to me that is for sure!


I don't know why she won't sit next to me. Im a nice boy and I don't smell anymore- not since the VET took out my bad teeth.



Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Wow, you have beeen kitty blogging a long time. Why haven't we hearded of you?


Daisy said...

Hooray, Hooray for the digital camera!!! Even though I am still hooked on yer Kitty Kam. Sultanfus, you are smart not to sit next to a stinky boy, he might have COOTIES!

Guy, I like you too, but we girls have to stick together. I am glad you don't have stinky teeths any more. Maybe you don't have cooties after all. Ok, I was wrong, you do not have cooties any more.

{{hugs}} for both of you!

sammawow-china cat-willow said...

What a nice picture of you two on the porch! We're so glad that the digital camera is there so we can see more pictures of you.

Purrrrrrs and {{{hugs}}} from both of us to both of you,
China Cat & Willow

momsbusy said...

thanks for stopping by and saying hi. you have been blogging for a very long time. we will add you to our favorites list on ourhome computer.


Casey said...

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One of us said...

Shadow is the same way Guy. We don't fink there is any explaination ~Merlin and Ko Ko