Thursday, October 04, 2007

We Are Back!

We took the summer off but now we are back. Not too much news over the summer- just hanging around watching birds, bugs and other critters go by. Ma had some work done on the house which Guy and I didn't like because we had to stay in a room TOGETHER all day. Imagine that. Guy and I went for our annual Vet check up the other day. We are both healthy and doing fine. Guy however gained another pound bringing him to 14 chunky monkey pounds. Im still at 12 pounds. The only big news is that our Kitty Kam site has moved! After 4 years on the same site Ma decided it was time for a change. (Not to mention Earthcam is free!). Please be sure to stop by and check us out!

Sultanfus and Guy

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Gemini said...

It's lovely to see you back!