Thursday, August 05, 2004

Hot Day

Today it was really hot outside. I think the heat makes everyone a little crazy- even the birds outside. We have a bird that lives in one of our trees who likes to sit on our porch railing and yell. Today he was yelling at Guy and myself as we watched from the window. Ma calls the bird Satan because he is evil. He is really tiny but makes quite a racket. It was good entertainment.


That bird was harrassing me again. He even jumped up on the wicker chair right outside the window to yell at me. Then Sultanfus came to watch- I was already lounging in the window sill and didn't feel like making room for her. I got in trouble for scratching on the screen and she ran away. That is until the water bottle came out then I was out of there. I hate that thing. I went to find someone else to scratch my butt.


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