Monday, September 20, 2004

My Bed

It was really cold last night. I decided to cuddle up in my furry kittie bed and stayed there all night. Early in the morning Guy came by and tried to walk over me in my bed to get to his. That really made me mad! Sometimes I'm just not in the mood for that boy. So I pushed him. He fell off the side of Ma's bed and took the cat bed with him. The cat bed fell over his head! I found this funny. Ma was less then amused because we woke her up and I was being "mean". Whatever. Guy got upset and ran away and I spent the rest of the morning sulking.


I like to sleep cuddled up in the kittie bed when it is cold. It is so soft and furry. Sultanfus was already in the favorite one but I was o.k with that. I was making my way over to the other one and she pushed me and hissed. Next thing I know I'm on the floor! I was really scared so I ran away and found another warm place to sleep. Nobody scratched my butt- except for the wall on the way down.


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