Sunday, September 26, 2004

Moving Out

My aunt and cousin Balthazar the Senegal Parrot are moving out. All the boxes and activity make me a little crazy. I feel it is my job to personally inspect each box as it goes out. I like to "borrow" things that look like a good toy hoping nobody will notice that they are gone. Ma says I have Sticky Paws. I have been known to go through woman's purses and take things out to play with. In the mist of all the moving havoc I found an open bag of raw hide dog bones (sometimes Balthazar likes to bite these). I thought it looked like a great toy , so I stole one and played with it for hours. Nobody noticed until I flung it down the stairs and it hit the wood floor. HA! Fun!


What? Is something happening in the house? I know I smelt a bunch of boxes that I haven't seen before. My aunt yelled at me to get out of her way because she was carrying a heavy box and I was walking in between her feet like I always do. Whatever. Hey Auntie "Scratch my butt!!!!"


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