Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I'm mad at Ma. She is spending too much time with that stinky boy Guy. I refuse to spend any time with her and run away when she tries to pick me up. HA! I will show her. I can hold a grudge. When she went away for a week in the summer I didn't go near her for two days! I will admit that I'm jealous of Guy. When he first came to live with us I would smack him in the head everytime he touched my Ma. She is mine you know?! Find your own human. Anyway, I let him touch her now because he is always in the way. I just stand off to the side and shoot him dirty looks. I only smack him when Ma is not looking.


I have been spending a lot of time up on my perch. It is a kitty ledge we have in a window all the way up on the third floor. When I sleep up there I can look out over the whole neighborhood and watch the birds fly underneath me. It has become my special place because Sultanfus doesn't like it as much. Sultanfus and I have been fighting a lot these past couple of days. Ma yelled at us to knock it off just a few minutes ago. I don't know why Sultanfus always smacks me in the head she should know that I prefer a butt scratch instead.


PS- Ma put that picture up for todays post because she wants to remember a time when Guy and I got along. I don't want to tell her that we didn't really get along- I was trying to push him out of the bed!

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