Monday, November 08, 2004

Mysterious packages

The holidays are coming around again soon. Ma tried to sneak in some gifts for Guy and myself. She should know that I have to sniff everything that comes into the house. Anyway she wrapped them up and put them in her closet. Guy and I will probablly rip them open before Christmas just like we did last year. HA HA! Whatever it is that she got us it smells like cat nip. Yum!


My favorite thing in the whole world happened today- Ma bought a new bag of food and filled the feeders!!!! I love to hear the food falling into the feeder "click click click". It makes me crazy. I try to shove my head into the top of the feeder to get the food. Ma makes me move my head or else the food will hit me and go all over the place. I say so what? More fun for me. Later on Ma brushed me and scratched my butt in the process. OOH good.


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