Sunday, December 12, 2004


We are having so much fun with the tree up. Ma's tree isn't really a Christmas tree because we don't celebrate christmas but it is a holiday tree because Ma loves white lights (and so does Guy). All of the ornaments on Ma's tree are cows. I don't know why she didn't pick cats. She had the tree longer then she had us so I guess I will let it go. Anyway I just want to report that I'm behaving myself as always but Guy has been BAD! He keeps taking the cows off the tree and licking them. Ma calls him a cow licker. That is funny. I call him other things but I'm not allowed to say them. Stupid Cow Licker Guy.


I like the tree so much. I spend most of the night rummaging through the packages and pulling apart the ribbons. I even managed to get my favorite cow ornament off the tree and licked it silly. I love that cow. Ma keeps putting it higher and higher on the tree but I always find it. I don't care what anyone thinks I'm having a blast. I just don't understand why Ma won't let me hang off the side of the tree? I have my eye on the real prize now...the cow angel all the way on the top. Bet I can scratch my butt real good with those wings.


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