Friday, January 14, 2005


It has been snowing off and on for the past several days. I love the snow! I love to look at it falling from the sky and I love to beg Grandpa to take me out on the balcony porch so I can touch it with my paw. Grandpa called me a pain because every few minutes I run to the door in his room and say "OOOOUT!" He let me go out once but Ma got mad and said it was too cold for my paws. She is such a party pooper. I only want to touch the snow a little bit....I really don't want to get covered in snow and mess up my fur. That would be unladylike.


I ain't going out. No way no how. Sultanfus is crazy to want to go out there. It is cold! I once lived a life on the streets, now I'm afraid to get too close to the door. I like my warm, toasty bed, plenty of grub, and a good butt scratch. Thank you very much.


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