Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ma's got the flu

There hasn't been much Kitty Kam this week because Ma has been sick and I have been busy taking care of her. She keeps coughing and sneezing and looks pretty miserable. The other night I climbed up on her chest and smelled something really interesting. She said it was something called "Vapor rub". I put my nose right down on it and sniffed all up and down because it was strange smelling. I decided it was too stinky to stay there so I went into my chair to sleep- I can still keep an eye on Ma from there. She is slowly starting to feel better. Good thing, I hate when my Ma is sick!


I slept in the bed with Ma a couple of times this week because it has been so cold. For some reason Ma was making all these loud scary noises that I didn't like at all. It kept waking me up. I kept saying to her "AAHHHYEEE?" Which means "Ma, you o.k?" Ma told me she is sick or something. I sure hope Grandma doesn't have to put my Ma in that carrier and take her to the vet! That is exactly what happened to me and Sultanfus when we were sick! P.S- I haven't gotten a good butt scratch in days!


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