Thursday, February 24, 2005

All About the Bird

Ma has been spending way too much time with Balthazaar the Senegal Parrot. She is trying to teach him to talk. I don't like that she is with him so much- she is mine after all. When she is in the room giving him his speech lesson I always come in to watch. I jump up and sit on Ma's lap to make sure Balthazaar knows that she is mine. I like to watch him but he is loud when he screams- and poops everywhere. Birds are dirty. Use the litter for crying out loud!


I got a close up and personal view of the bird! Sometimes Balthazaar flies around the room when he is not supposed to. Today he flew right out the room and into the bathroom where Ma was cleaning his water bowl. I came running in because everytime I hear him fly I come running- it is interesting. He landed on the floor right in front of me! I sniffed his head and was going to try to lick him but Ma put him on her finger and took him back to his cage. Bummer. I bet Balthazaar could give a good butt scratch with that beak!


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