Sunday, February 13, 2005

All Better

I am happy to report that Ma is feeling much better and that things are now back to normal. I have been cuddling more with Ma to try to make up for the time lost while she was sick. I even layed down next to her with my face right up to hers at night. In entertainment news... The neighbors are having some work done on their house so I had hours of viewing enjoyment watching from the window. They make a lot of noise but it was fun. I found a new toy to play with- a little green plastic frog. I have to hide it because Guy tries to steal it from me. Stinky boy.


I found a new sleeping place. I squeeze myself behind one of Grandma's wicker planters and wrap my body around it. It was comfy and nobody knew where I was. That is until Ma walked by and saw my butt sticking out. She thought it was funny and called Grandma over to see. They both laughed and pointed. I don't mind because I got a good butt scratch out of the deal!


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