Monday, April 18, 2005

A Cat named Percy

We found out that the neighbors cat that keeps coming into our yard is named Percy. He was here ALL day long driving both of us crazy. He keeps running across the top step trying to get into our screened porch where Guy and I were hanging out. HA HA! he can't get in. He likes to yell at Guy but he is slightly afraid of me and cowers a bit when I stare him down. Ma calls me one tough little lady. Anyway, Guy finally got a taste of his own medicine and now he sees how annoying it is to be followed.


That cat Percy is such a pain! All I want to do is lay quietly on my porch and watch the birds and bugs fly by. Everytime I try to look out there is Percy yelling at me. Thank God he can't come in. He even watched as my Ma brushed me and scratched my butt. Jealous?


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