Sunday, April 10, 2005

Neighbor Kitty

Our neighbor's cat seems to have taken a liking to our yard. Drives me crazy to see him sitting on MY lawn. Doesn't he know that this house is already owned by two cats? Anyway, Grandma said he is friendly and that he came over to her and licked her hand. I'm jealous. In other news, there seems to be a lot of boxes coming in and out of Ma's room lately. I guess those rumors of us moving are true! I like to watch and investigate everything except for when the packing tape comes out. The sound of the tape ripping across the box scares me half to death!


It was a really nice day today. I spend most of it on the porch except for when someone brings a box down the stairs. I have to keep running in to escort people down to the basement where they keep bringing everything. I wonder if something is happening? Oh well, I'm going back out to the porch. Hey! Somebody! Scratch my butt!

P.S- A cat was in our yard? huh?

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