Monday, November 28, 2005

Home Again

Ma went away for Thanksgiving. It was only overnight but that was more than enough. She came back and brought Grandma! Grandma is staying with us for a few days. Ma thought that I would take advantage of having another lap to sit on but she was wrong...I have been extra clingy since she has been back. I follow Ma around the house and every time she sits down I jump on her lap. I even tried to sit on her lap when she was in the bathroom. Ma said that was gross so I didn't do it. Ma put up some holiday decorations around the house it looks nice. Guy loves white lights and the tree even more than Ma.


Grandma is here for a few days. I jumped into the bed with her last night and slept. She was really happy because she misses us. I used to sleep with her all the time when we lived together. I like when Grandma is here because I get non stop butt scratches.

PS- the tree is up and I couldn't be happier. I have been sitting under it all day!

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