Saturday, December 09, 2006

Long Time

It has been awhile since we posted- sorry. The weather here in NY is getting colder so Guy and I have been finding warm, cozy places to snuggle. My personal favorite is in Ma's fleece robe especially when she is still wearing it! Ma had a face to face encounter with the Yapping Orange Tabby from a few weeks ago. She found out that his name is Chase and more importantly not a stray. Ma said Chase followed her right to the front door and wanted to come inside. He was looking right into our glass door but Guy and I were too busy napping to notice! Can you believe the nerve of that kitty?! He can't live here I'm still not over Guy moving in and that was 4 years ago! We are in full holiday mode- the decorations are up and Guy and I are having a ball sitting on all the gifts. I already found mine- it is the one that smells like cat nip!!!!


I love the holiday tree. It is not a Christmas tree because we don't celebrate Christmas but Ma loves white lights and the tree has all cow ornaments on it. Every year I pick out one cow that I love and I find creative ways to smack it off the tree. Ma keeps trying to hide it but I always find it. This year I am in love with a ballerina cow. Ma thinks maybe IM over stimulated by the holiday excitement because I keep going into our kitty litter closet and squeaking for no reason( I don't meow like a cat I make squeaky noises like a mouse. Ma thinks it is because I spent the first year of my life living under a house raised by mice). IM having fun!


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THE ZOO said...

nice to see yoo guys are back. good to hear chasse has a home