Sunday, December 17, 2006

Poor Little Man

We have had a rough couple days. Guy had to go to the Vet on Thursday to have his teeth cleaned and had 11 teeth pulled! I can understand because I went last month and had 5 pulled but 11 that is a lot. Guy doesn't handle change or stress well so he took a bit longer to come around. I was even nice to him and let him sit next to me on the couch. He doesn't stink as much now that those bad teeth are gone so maybe just maybe I will let him come close to me. I even let him sit on Ma's lap last night even though that is my spot. See I can be nice.


That mean vet pulled out half my teeth. I didn't feel good so I spent the first night in the closet. By day two I was able to eat again and today I started to play with my sting. Ma keeps trying to give me medicine but Im on to her. She thought that I would be easier to "fool" but I showed her. I see that dropper coming I run for the hills. I will even give up a butt scratch to get away from that medicine. Im slowly getting use to my new gummy mouth.



One of us said...

I know that dropper. Mom started hiding it behind her back for my medicine, but I smelled it. So she had to catch me first and have Kinsey hold me and then get the meds. heehee ~Shadow

Cecilia & The 2Bs said...

Oh shame! Poor Guy. Hope you are getting plenty of stinky goodness.