Friday, September 03, 2004


Ma bought something new for her bed. It is called Memory Foam. It is supposed to be good for your back etc. and help you be comfortable and get a good nights sleep. Ma really needs this because she is always tossing and turning and waking me up at night(I like to sleep on her feet). Anyway, I tried to cuddle next to Ma in bed and stepped on the foam and freaked out! I don't like that feel on my paws yuck!!!!! I got so freaked that I jumped on top of Ma's hip and had to balance there while I figured out how not to touch the foam and get off the bed. Ma put it the right way with the foam under the sheets but I'm still not so sure I like that stuff.


I went into Ma's room, I sniffed the package and foam stuff, it smelled funny. I left. Whatever. Scratch my Butt.


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